Convert ISDN to VoIP

ISDN is scheduled for switch off in 2025.

Beat the rush and switch over to VoIP now.

Its time, its almost time, well it's getting close. ISDN is scheduled for switch off in 2025, which either means five years of kicking the can down the road, or act now and save a small fortune.

You have already spent a fortune on your on-premise PBX system. It might be 10 years old, but it's doing a great job. Besides if you had to replace 100 handsets with new VoIP handsets it would cost you thousands of pounds.

Solution - keeps your on-premise PBX system, keep all of your handsets. Get yourself an ISDN30 to VoIP converter.

The ISDNSlayer plugs into your ISDN ports on your existing PBX and converts those phone calls into VoIP calls that complete over your internet connection. You do have an internet connection, right?


Why switch now?

Line rental!

ISDN30 typically costs £12 per channel per month. So each of your ISDN30 spans is costing you £360 per month or £4,320 per year.

The ISDNSlayer gateway will cost a small fraction of 1-year line rental costs with very little ongoing support charges.

Call Charges!

Your ISDN30 contract is almost 3 years old, the guy who sold it to you was creaming commission off those call rates so you weren't even on great rates 3 years ago.

UK call costs have fallen 200% over the term of your contract and that sales guy now has a holiday home in Biarritz!

Make your calls over our SIP Trunks and pay zero line rental, zero term contract, zero minimum call charges and get the most competitive call rates monitored on a daily basis.

For these and many other benefits take a look at ISDNSlayer and get the ball rolling rather than kicking the can.